Charbroiler Lava Rocks: GCCB-48 Char-Rock 48"

Charbroiler Lava Rocks 48"
Charbroiler Lava Rocks 48"
Charbroiler grill
Charbroiler grill close-up
Charbroilers large element
lava rocks holding rack
Lava Rocks on holding rack
Salmon cooking on charbroiler
Charbroiler Lava Rocks: GCCB-48 Char-Rock 48"
Charbroiler Lava Rocks: GCCB-48 Char-Rock 48"
Charbroiler Lava Rocks: GCCB-48 Char-Rock 48"
Charbroiler Lava Rocks: GCCB-48 Char-Rock 48"

Charbroiler Lava Rocks: GCCB-48 Char-Rock 48"

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Char-Rock Broilers:  GCCB-48 | General Foodservice 48-Inch-Wide Char-Rock

This 48 inches wide Lava Rock Charbroiler unit gives you the ample space needed to grill:

  • Meats
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Brochettes

This large char-rock is set on a bed of stones placed above the burners to evenly distribute the heat toward the food, while the lava rocks catch the drippings to create a more flavorful smoke and dramatic flare-up.

General offers different model sizes to fit your kitchen's needs.

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  • The 48 inch lava rock charbroiler is available in either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG)
  • Moreover, the durable stainless steel body construction is easy to maintain and allow for long life span
  • Also, the unit is reversible, since it has heavy duty cast iron grilling grates (different grill marks on each side)
  • This model is field convertible from Liquid Propane to Natural Gas and vice versa, meaning that electricity is not needed
  • Additionally, the grates are in individual sections and designed to be tilted for different heating levels
  • Manually controlled two (2) 35,000 BTU independent burners for total of 70,000 BTU's 
  • Large burner control dials
  • Furthermore, Lava Rock Kit and Holding Rack accessory included
  • Bottom-mounted drip tray for easy clean up
  • Angled sidewalls and bottom plate reflect accurate heat distribution
  • Easily monitored gas valve and continuous pilot provide simple, reliable regulation of the gas burner
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet for stability
  • Back and Side Splashes protect walls and countertops
  • NSF and ETL approved, units meet all required gas cooking appliance safety standards, codes, and performance regulations
  • Shipping Weight:  314 LB
  • Dimensions: 48”W x 27.6”D x 15.2”H
    (1219mm W x 701mm D x 386mm H)

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