Countertop Hot Plates

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    General Countertop Hot Plates are perfect for busy food service operations that are tight on space, easily adding compact convenience to your kitchen! With a countertop model, the unit is space efficient allowing you to cook without a full-size range. Boasting 25,000 BTU burners, you can prepare sauces, sides, entrees, stir-fry’s and even desserts in a highdemanding kitchen environment.
    3 products
    36 inch wide Hot Plate for Cooking
    Six Burner Hot Plate for Cooking
    Hot Plate GCHP-36-6 with Six Burners 150 000 BTU
    24"  Hot Plate for Cooking
    Quadruple Burners Hot Plate for Cooking
    Hot Plate GCHP-24-4 with Four Burners 100 000 BTU
    Double Burner Hot Plate
    Hot Plate GCHP-12-2 with Two Burners 50 000 BTU