Countertop Charbroilers

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    General Countertop Gas Radiant Charbroilers give you the ample space needed to grill meats, chicken, fish and vegetables. The burners are positioned under a radiant (an angled piece of metal) to direct the heat up toward the grates and food for consistent and quality cooking. This angle also channels grease away from the flame and into the drip pan for easier clean-up.
    3 products
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    Gas Radiant Charbroilers 48"
    Gas Radiant Charbroilers 48
    Charbroiler 48"/ Char Broil Commercial Grill GCRB-48
    Gas Radiant Charbroiler 36"
    Gas Radiant Charbroiler 36
    Charbroiler 36"/ Char Broil Commercial Grill GCRB-36
    Gas Radiant Charbroiler 24"
    Gas Radiant Charbroiler 24
    Charbroiler 24"/ Char Broil Commercial Grill GCRB-24