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    General commercial microwave operates on a one power dial timer or power digital touch pad control. The medium duty all stainless steel unit is ideal for convenience stores, office break rooms, lounges, quick serve restaurants, sandwich shops, healthcare & educational lunch rooms as well as food trucks. The stainless steel construction is designed for commercial applications that do not require high volume cooking but require durable, safe options to reheat, heat, cook and prepare food on the go. General microwave is energy efficient, when opened, it automatically turns off to not waste energy.
    2 products
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    Commercial Microwave 1000 Watt
    Commercial Microwaves: GEW1000D 1000 Watt Microwave with Dial Control
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    Microwave vegetables safely
    Commercial Microwaves: GEW1000E 1000 Watt Microwave with Digital Touch Pad