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    The General 10, 20 and 30 Quart All-Purpose Commercial Bench Mixers use dual motion planetary mixing action that consistently blends, mixes and aerates - delivering productive results for any commercial kitchen application. The built in performance enhancing and safety functions ensure that when given proper attention and preventative maintenance, General Mixers will deliver years of trouble free, reliable, low maintenance, efficient operation.
    3 products
    30 Quart Commercial Bench Mixer
    Commercial Bench Mixer in motion
    Mixers: GEM130 30 Quart Stand Mixer
    20 Quart Commercial Stand Mixer with accessories
    Commercial Stand Mixer in motion
    Mixers: GEM120 20 Quart Stand Mixer
    10 Quart Commercial Stand Mixer
    Commercial Stand Mixer Accessories
    Mixers: GEM110 10 Quart Stand Mixer